Friendship Circle brings joy to children of Makarios Hospital

Since 2008, the FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE has been providing assistance and support to people in need, within the community.

 On monday, May 27th FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE along with a few kind-hearted volunteers from comic con cyprus visited the children’s ward of Makarios hospital. The group of volunteers entertained and interacted with the children, helping them forget the pain they go through on a daily basis and adding joy and happiness to their hospital stay. The staff of the hospital joined in the fun, with a clown making balloon animals for the joyful children, as superheroes played games with them. The outcome of the visit was so successful that the group of entertainers was given permission to meet a few children of the oncology children’s ward and put a smile on their faces too. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone and we look forward to many more such projects. Do you have any friends or relatives who might need our support? If you do, feel free to contact us on our webpage stated below as we are willing to help anyone who needs us.

 The FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE kindly encourages you to volunteer and join our team – it only takes a minute to help someone in need. To volunteer or contact FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE on any other matter, please contact the Friendship Circle EU: Tel: 96508317 or Email:

Written on July 09, 2019
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