Friendship Circle Cyprus was founded over 10 years ago to facilitate friendship and social interaction between children with special needs and teen volunteers.  There have been miracles through this highly successful formula, enabling children to accomplish goals and attain success on a scale that people had previously thought impossible.

Friendship Circle was founded to respond to an immediate need, and we are a part of  81 chapters around the world working with:

·         8,359 Children with Special Needs

·         15,950 Teen Volunteers

·         60,000+ Alumni 

Friendship Circle International, as the central office of Friendship Circle, has opened new chapters, worked with FC chapters to better their organizations and programming, and has been on a mission that everyone across the globe realizes the mission of Friendship Circle, mainly that through friendship children with special needs can reach their full potential. 

The success of Friendship Circle Cyprus is largely due to people like you that came together to support the incredible work being accomplished. With your donation, we will be able to start off 2022 with enough momentum to continue forward and outdo ourselves once again.

Written on December 14, 2021
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