Supporting Families with Special needs children.

Over several life changing programmes, we aim to support, educate, and create inclusive environments for children and adults with special needs, as well as their families, who are caregivers 24/7. 

DAY TRIPS and respites 

Friendship Circle organises varied and stimulating days out every week, trip to town, bowling, entertainment trips and meals out to name a few. Respites allow the parents of the child with special needs, take a break, while the volunteers enjoy some time with the children.

Life Skills 

This programme offers participants the opportunity to practice life skills in a realistic, safe, and controlled environment. Focus areas include street safety, money skills, personal responsibility, and inter/intrapersonal communication skills. Location specific goals include things such as visiting the doctor or placing an order in the cafe. Life Skills also offers a simulated job experience for all participants ages 13 and older. This unique program offers the excitement and fun of the village as well as life skill development.

Friendship Track: 

Is an advanced Life Skills track, structured to give the opportunity for participants to focus on building friendships, taking turns, and considering a friend’s needs. This track does this by pairing 3 participants with 1 volunteer. Participants on this track ages 13 and older, will still receive a simulated job experience, in addition to the excitement and fun of building friendships!

Adult Employment Program

When people with disabilities are successfully employed, everyone wins.

Employers gain motivated employees and the respect of their community. That community becomes more integrated and gains productive, happy citizens. And employees know they are valued and take pride in becoming a wage-earner, co-worker, and friend.

Friendship Circle has helped adults with disabilities find and keep a job. We work with employers throughout Cyprus, representing a broad range of industries and job offerings.

Are you a company that is interested in enrolling in this program? 

Do you know someone with special needs who can benefit from part- or full-time employment, in a safe, friendly environment?

Contact us today!

Giving the gift of love, and seeing their faces light up, makes it all worth it for us.

Support is urgently needed to continue our life-changing work. Can we count on your support to continue to help these special children? You can sponsor a one-time event or be a monthly donor. 

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Written on May 07, 2021
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