Join us in making a positive impact on our environment!  We’re excited to announce a tree-planting event in Larnaca on the 24th of January, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Plant a tree with us and contribute to the growth of a greener, healthier planet. Each tree planted is a step towards a sustainable future. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and make a lasting impact. Dedicate a tree to a loved one or special occasion. 

 As a token of appreciation, you’ll receive a certificate of planting, commemorating your dedication to environmental conservation.

Let’s come together, roll up our sleeves, and make a difference!

Click this link to dedicate a tree!  & to dedicate a tree to someone. Let’s make this tree-planting event a success for our community and the planet! 


Friendship Circle was founded in Cyprus in 2008.

Since then, Friendship Circle has been providing assistance and support to the families of children with special needs as well as to individuals and families struggling with addiction, isolation, and other crises.

In addition to helping those in needs, Friendship Circle empowers and enriches its network of volunteers, the majority of whom are teenagers, by enabling them to reap the vast rewards of giving of themselves.

Friendship Circle consists of five parts – volunteers, children, parents, staff, and supporters. The true beauty of the Circle is how all of the elements link together to form a seamless community of friendship.

Just as a circle has neither end nor beginning, our community offers promise, hope and love that have no bounds. Who can say who benefits the most from Friendship Circle programs – the child with special needs who learns how to ride a bicycle, or her parents who get a much needed break, or the volunteer whose spirit soars to new heights?

Through a wide range of services, projects and facilities, Friendship Circle is able to touch the lives of thousands of people each year.

By offering guidance and instruction to these organizations, Friendship Circle is able to welcome many more families and volunteers into its midst.

Our goal is to provide every individual with special needs the support friendship and inclusion that they deserve.