In the first few months of 2022, we turned the page to open a new chapter, we took the opportunity for an introspection. We stretched and expanded our foundation, without losing the original essence of our unique identity. We had to look inward and reflect on the core of our mission, on the work we do. Our aim is not to find one solution for all, but to explore together and articulate the specific needs of every community, so that each one can build their own tools to face the upcoming challenges.

Our initiatives and actions encapsulated what we believe in: knowledgeable and highly qualified volunteers are essential to our organisation. They spark creativity through purposeful and responsible actions. They transform a community into a communion of people, and that is the precondition from which social change can occur.

The transformative process we have gone through with our volunteers, started with our conscious effort to push the fundamental skills we aim to develop in ourselves and others: critical thinking, creative doing, lifelong learning and a change making attitude. With this basis, we were able to transform who we were at that time and create a different and unique approach to our activities.