Our educational ideology and projects are led by the ideas of democracy and self-determination, with the replacement of authority by freedom. This attitude is marking the beginning of modern education and is an important step in human development. The aim of our educational ideology is to act joyfully and to find happiness. To respond to life, not just with one’s brain, but with the whole personality.

In education, intellectual development is not enough. Education must be both, intellectual and emotional. Our main goal is to create effective, long-term projects, which will give opportunities and a safe haven for children & youth.  

Our aim is to allow them to grow naturally, to experience personal freedom, to develop at their own pace and to go in their own direction, whilst taking responsibility for their own actions and the community around them – freedom with responsibility.

We hope that by living in an environment, where everybody has equal status and where human dignity, religious and cultural freedom, honesty and open emotions are the everyday norm, they will naturally acquire a high degree of emotional intelligence, which is most sought after in many areas.  

We hope that they will leave our projects with outstanding personal skills and the ability to communicate, negotiate and compromise. This community will be with them for a lifetime and will give them independence and possession over their own lives.

We also want to create areas, where they can hang out, amuse themselves, socialise, play games, be creative etc., knowing that they are given the space, time and respect as young people. Within this, we will offer a range of practical and educational courses. Our final goal, is to give children & youth the self-motivation they need, to lift up their lives and walk towards a better and brighter future.

Department of Education & Youth – Oversees all of our educational programs and projects.

Email: office@friendshipcircle.eu